MBTsuite Classic

The Proven Solution for Automated Test Case Generation

MBTsuite Classic has proven itself over many years as a reliable tool for automatically generating software test cases from graphical (UML) test design models.

All generated test cases are platform-independent and can be exported in various formats or to a test management tool for use in manual testing or any test automation tool. You can also use this automatic test case generator in your CI process as well as in your DevOps environment.

How It Works

  • 1

    Create the Test Model

    First, the test designer creates a flowchart that describes the various actions and alternatives. This model is easier to create, understand, and modify than a textual specification.

  • 2

    Automatically Generate Test Cases

    After creating the test model, you can generate test cases for either manual or automated execution.

  • 3

    Execute the Tests

    Now that you have created your test cases, you are ready to execute them. Depending on the type of test cases you have selected, this is done either manually or automatically.

  • 4

    Update the Model

    When requirements change, tests need to be updated accordingly. With MBTsuite, you don’t need to revisit the entire test specification or test automation code to make adjustments to test cases. You only need to update your model in specific places and the updated test cases will be generated automatically.

Licensing MBTsuite Classic

Importer Module
Imports and processes data from various modeling tools (Enterprise Architect, IBM Rational, Innovator, Cameo Systems Modeler, PTCIntegrity Modeler, Microsoft Visio).
Predefined Strategies
  • Full-Path:
    Searches all possible paths of a model.
  • Random:
    Searches randomly selected paths of a model.
  • Named-Path:
    Searches a user-defined path of a model.
  • Guided-Path:
    Searches multiple user-defined paths of a model.
Predefined Filters
  • Coverage Filters (Node, Edge, Test Step/Verification Point, Requirements):
    Creates a minimum number of test cases that cover all related elements at least once.
  • Range Filters (Cost, Duration, Length):
    Creates a minimum number of test cases where the filter criteria correspond to a specific range.
Delta Generation
Comparison of two test case trees to identify new, changed, unchanged and obsolete test cases.
XML Importer
Grants the connection of user-defined file formats.
MBTsuite Viewer
Allows to visualize and analyze models and specific test sets. For example, it shows which edges of a model are covered by a specific test set and which are not.
Enables the inputs required for test management tools and test automation to be maintained directly in the modeling tool in a central location for the creation and maintenance of models. It also provides all the necessary parameters for the different UML tools.
XML Exporter
Includes export to custom text formats and Excel, Word, C, Java or Python and is extensible for custom file formats.
AML Exporter
Separate exporter functions can be used to export test cases from MBTsuite to various ALM tools (MicroFocus/HP, PTC Integrity, IBM QM, Polarion, Microfocus TFS).
Additional Filters
  • Dynamic Tag:
    Provide the ability to create custom and dynamic filters for the test sets. The parameters for the filters can be defined in the model as tagged values.
  • Weight:
    Provides the ability to sort and select test cases based on specific criteria such as cost, duration, and weight.
Additional Strategies
  • Shortest Path:
    Searches model/diagram on the shortest path
  • Usage Coverage:
    Searches random paths of a model, where weighting can be applied to represent user behaviour.
Support and Maintenance
Frequent feature updates and personal support.