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  • model based testing showcase
  • model based testing showcase
  • model based testing showcase

The MBTsuite provides a better approach to designing and updating software tests.

The MBTsuite allows you to work with flow chart models, where test cases are automatically generated and logged.

How does it work?

First, you create the flow chart model, also known as "test model". From this model, you generate required test cases, which you can then use for manual or automated execution as needed.

If requirements change, you can easily update your pre-existing test model and automatically generate updated test cases.

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How Model Based Testing with MBTsuite works

  • Step 1

    Creating the test model

    First, the test designer creates a flow chart describing the different actions and alternatives. This model is easier to create, understand and change than a textual test specification.

    Example system:
    After starting up, there are 2 login alternatives: via chip card or via PIN. When the user has logged in, he/she can select either button A or button B, which in turn lights up the respective lamps A or B. The user can select these buttons several times.

    The graphic below illustrates a test model of the system. Rather than writing 50-100 lines of plain text in a test specification, the test model provides all the information at one glance.

  • Step 2

    Generating the test cases automatically

    After creating the test model, you can generate test cases either for manual or automated execution.

    MBTsuite will run a detailed analysis on the model. All you have to do is decide which strategy or filter you prefer. You can even generate test cases exclusively relevant to a specific set of requirements.
    The outcome can be a test specification for manual execution or a source code for automated execution. It’s your choice.

  • Step 3

    Executing the tests

    Now after creating the test cases you are ready for execution.

    Depending on the type of test cases you have selected this will be done either manually or automatically.

  • Step 4

    Updating the model

    When requirements change, tests need updating accordingly. With MBTsuite you don’t need to re-examine the entire test specification or test automation code to make adaptations to the test cases. You only have to update your model at specific places and the updated test cases are generated automatically.

    Example system:
    You want to add a fingerprint sensor to the login options. Without MBTsuite, all test cases have to be re-examined and adapted. However, with MBTsuite you can extend your flow chart with an additional action for the fingerprint sensor. The test cases are re-generated automatically - ready for execution.


model based testing provides clarity

Test definition made clear and concise

Keeping things simple is key in today's work environment. Model based testing makes your life easier.

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automatic test case generation at ease

Test automation at ease

Test automation is becoming a must-have. MBTsuite gives you test automation as a bonus - with almost zero extra effort.

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create efficient test cases quickly

Create professional tests quickly

Save time by using model based testing rather than writing test specifications.

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update your test cases quickly

Update tests easily

Updating test models is more efficient than tediously searching through thousands of test cases to identify outdated ones.

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model based testing is perfect for knowledge transfer

Perfect for knowledge transfer

Knowledge transfer is fast becoming a critical factor in the race of keeping up with market trends. Due to its precision and clarity, model based testing efficiently facilitates know-how transfer.

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reduce the risk of banishing your customers

Reduce the risk of customer dissatisfaction

Model based testing helps you avoid delivering defective products to your customers. It radically improves your test case quality and gives you all the tools for the provision of adequate test coverage.

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keep track in complex scenarios

Traceability in highly complex scenarios

Systems on the market are rapidly reaching a level of complexity that is hard to manage using traditional methods. Model based testing is the perfect solution.

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