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Model-based software testing can be easy. From requirements and graphical test models to creating automation-ready test cases — everything is done in one convenient web application. Its simplicity makes it intuitive and fun to use.

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Team Up

Work on test models with team members from anywhere in the world. With MBTsuite’s live collaboration feature, building test models together has never been easier. It’s also a great way to visually communicate your ideas in online meetings.

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From Requirements To Test Cases

MBTsuite is your one-stop solution for Model-Based Testing (MBT). It replaces complex and error-prone manually written test cases with a clearly structured and easy-to-understand graphical model. Find out more about the concept and advantages of MBT.

  • Step 1

    Collect test requirements

    You can document requirements directly in MBTsuite. This way, you always have the foundation upon which your tests are built at your fingertips.

  • Step 2

    Create or import models

    Turn ideas into well-structured models quickly and easily with the convenient browser-based modeling tool. Or import UML models from popular tools.

  • Step 3

    Generate test cases

    Easily generate all possible test cases from the model with a single click, or use smart filters to help reduce over-generated cases.

  • Step 4

    Export for test automation

    You can export the generated test cases for manual testing or use them directly in a test automation tool such as Playwright.

MBTsuite Feature Highlights

  • Your One-Stop Solution for Model-Based Testing

    Test requirements, graphical test models, generating and selecting test cases from these models — model-based software testing involves a number of different tasks. With MBTsuite, you can do everything in one convenient web application. No more switching between tools.

  • Simple and Intuitive Modeling

    UML modeling can be a bit overwhelming, with about 200 different element types to choose from. That’s why we made MBTsuite dead simple: You only need two different UML elements to create all the structural diagrams of your test process. That’s 99% less complexity!

  • Live Online Collaboration With Your Team

    Work on test models with team members from anywhere in the world. With MBTsuite’s live collaboration feature, building test models together in real time has never been easier. You can create multiple user groups to control access to different models.

  • Cloud-Based Web Application

    Work from anywhere, with any device. All you need is a web browser and Internet access. It couldn’t be easier.
    If your organization prefers to host the solution itself, MBTsuite is also available as an on-premise solution. Just ask us directly.

Maximize Your Potential with MBTsuite

Boost Your Software Testing Efficiency

Model-based testing can easily save you 20% to 50% of your valuable time compared to traditional testing methods. With the intuitive MBTsuite web application, this efficiency gain can be even higher.

By automating the test case creation process and decoupling the effort from the number of test cases, you can scale without the extra burden. In addition, automated test case creation dramatically reduces maintenance, allowing you to focus on what really matters: delivering quality software quickly.

Boost your software testing with MBTsuite
Elevate your quality assurance standards with MBTsuite

Elevate Your Quality Assurance Standards

With MBTsuite, you can improve the quality of your software by identifying potential issues early in the development process. The tool ensures that comprehensive test coverage is not just a goal, but a systematic achievement.

This proactive approach to quality assurance results in robust software that meets and exceeds the stringent requirements of today’s technology landscape, giving you the confidence of excellence with every release.

Navigate Complex Software Testing With Confidence

MBTsuite defines usability in software testing. No programming skills? No problem. The transparent and efficient design of the web application ensures clarity and traceability for all users.

Plus, the model representation deepens your understanding of the system and makes complexity manageable. It’s an easy-to-use gateway to advanced testing that lets you focus on quality without getting lost in the details, streamlining your process from concept to execution.

Model view in MBTsuite
Adapt to changing requirements with easily adaptable and reusable test models

Seamlessly Adapt to Changing Requirements

Experience unparalleled flexibility with a testing solution that seamlessly adapts to changing requirements. Take advantage of model reusability to ensure rapid adaptability and continuity.

Model-based testing is ubiquitous, providing a versatile testing framework for any industry or process. This adaptability not only saves time, but also improves your ability to keep pace with evolving business landscapes, ensuring that your testing processes are as dynamic as the markets you serve.